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Rinteln Coat of Arms
Rinteln Coat of Arms
Welcome. If we were to just collect data from our Father's direct line, we would have just that, a straight line going back how ever far it can. Alas, there are siblings and they have Marriages as well as Husbands, Wives and Children. All of whom do the same thing in this ever increasing "Tree", which after a while looks more like a Bramble Bush. The data on this site is a collection of many families, often with only a Marriage to connect them. They are still Family Ties, even though it is delicate. The data within this site has been a collaborative work from over the years. With my own direct line it was first noted as a drawing done in the year 1770, since then there has been at least one or more persons in each generation who has, because of their research added their little piece or more. With the advent of the computer age additional information became exponential. Should you have any additional information yourself or an amendment that you would like to see, then please let us know. Thank You David
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